Teampull Mor

Teampull Mor refers to one of the medieval structures found at Howmore, believed to have originally been built in the thirteenth century ([simple_tooltip content='Stell, G. 2014. ‘Castle Tioram and the MacDonalds of Clanranald: A Western Seaboard Castle in Context’, Oram (ed.), The Lordship of the Isles, 271-96; Reynolds, A., Hamilton, M. and Raven, J. 2004. ‘Howmore ecclesiastical complex’, Discovery and Excavation in Scotland 5, 139–40.']Stell 2014, 294; Reynolds, Hamilton, and Raven 2004, 139[/simple_tooltip]). The eastern wall of the parish church is still visible (see header). The interpretation of the specific element as pn Mary would be consistent with the [simple_tooltip content='OPS = Origines Parochiales Scotiae: the Antiquities Ecclesiastical and Territorial of the Parishes of Scotland vol.2, 1854. (Edinburgh).']OPS (368)[/simple_tooltip] statement that there was a church at Howmore dedicated to Saint Mary.

See Howmore for the full discussion of this place-name.