Loch na Cille

The entry in the [simple_tooltip content='OS Name Books, Inverness-shire Ordnance Survey Name Books, 1876-1878. ScotlandsPlaces <https://scotlandsplaces.gov.uk/digital-volumes/ordnance-survey-name-books/inverness-shire-os-name-books-1876-1878>.']OS Name Books (OS1/18/10/21)[/simple_tooltip] reads ‘Meaning “Church Loch,” and is applied to a marshy loch, situated in the district of Balivanich. The ruins of an old church stands on the west side of this loch.’ The ruins are those of Teampull Chaluim Chille. According to [simple_tooltip content='Carmichael, A. 1900. Carmina Gadelica, vol. 2 (Edinburgh).']Carmichael (1900, 80-1)[/simple_tooltip] the loch was known as ‘Loch Chaluim-chille’.

See Teampull Chaluim Chille for the full discussion of this name.